Youth and Leadership in Action

In October 2013 more than 50 youth from Ouanaminthe aged between 14 to 21, graduated from a course in Leadership.  Led by Jeunes en Action (Youth in Action), a group formed of 3 ambitious youth that emerged during the Ashoka Youth Venture activities during the spring. This was their second training session. The first activity took place during the summer, and 18 youth participated then.

Rolex 18, Ricarthson 16 and Mackenlove 19 chose to focus on leadership because they believe it is the missing link for the future of their community. Their goal is to be “training youth to avoid growing up with bad attitudes and allow them to be real leaders in the town of Ouanaminthe.” The topics they covered include: the qualities of a good leader, technical communication, public speaking, and negotiation techniques. The innovative element they bring is that being youth themselves they can empathize easily with the group and adapt their training session to the participants needs, in the same time having fun and express their well articulated points of view.

Jeunes en action team

Leadership group graduationAlso, as it was the graduation ceremony they had few artistic moments prepared with and for the participants.


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