Seeds for change

Being able to grow your own food gives great independence to many individuals and families. Even when you don’t have money you can go in your garden and pick up a tomato, a cucumber and make diner. The idea is simple if individuals and families of Haiti can grow their own food they will become food independent.

Access to seeds it is often very challenging here, either the seeds are poor quality, are packed in large large quantities or are difficult to find. In this way only those who are doing large scale agriculture can access good, affordable seeds. To give you an example a can of carrots contains 500g of seeds out of which, if they are good quality, you will be able to produce up to 250,000 carrots. If you are not a large scale cooperative, probably those are way too many carrots and even if you are you need way to preserve them…

So this is where we intervene, we are able to purchase high quality seeds and re-pack them in small envelops equivalent to what a family will need. by doing this farmers can diversify their culture and provide a healthy meal for their families. Also we provide the small scale farmers with basic knowledge of what sees work better in that specific part of the year, how to plant it, how much water…etc.

To distribute the seeds we are using the network of the community advisers. They are already known very well their community and the surrounding.  Often they are asked “what solutions are they bringing next?” since they sell under the name of community solutions. This time they when they are asked they can add to solar lamps, water filters, stoves and glasses, seeds. In parallel with seed access we are also exploring drip irrigation systems and urban agriculture.

We are continuously looking into how simple solutions can transform every day life in a positive way.

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