“4 seasons” are changing Haiti agriculture environment

The “4 seasons” group is made of 5 very active youngsters: Baptiste Evens, Fleuradin Rose-Gerlande, Antoine Wilner, Calixte Guepson and Saint-Ilbert Moliette.  “4 seasons” seeks to improve the yields of farmers living in the surrounding of Ouanaminthe, in the North-East of Haiti, while still preserving the environment. For that, they teach to farmers new techniques that they have learned themselves at school: farmers learn how to make natural environment-friendly fertilizer and insecticide that enables a dramatic increase in the yields while keeping the soil fertile. This initiative enables farmers’ revenues increase, and fights against rural exodus.

The team members are truly involved: they regularly go on field, where they have the opportunity to put into practice the new skills and techniques they learn during their agronomy classes. They try to create the maximum impact by training the farmers they consider the most motivated and the most likely to spread their newly acquired knowledge. They also work in collaboration with the local authorities to secure their support. They have trained 175 farmers so far, and their objective for 2014 is to reach 500 farmers. The “4 seasons” counts on the creation of a snowball effect through the fact that the farmers that they trained will become teachers themselves.

The “4 seasons” group is part of the Ashoka’s Youth Venture initiative in Ouanaminthe. As such, they have benefited from a financial support and from advice. By creating both social, environmental and economic impact in their communities, those young people are real changemakers.

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