Small solution big impact! Part 3. Solar lamps

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHaving a solar lamp means so much more than just a lamp. It is a simple solutions to an every day problem created by not having access to regular electricity or not having electricity at all. As any solution it is important to be adapted to the users’ needs such as: good service, resistance and multipurpose.

Why is this important?! Because buying this product is an investment, and if the product breaks rapidly, and there is no way or place to fix it, the investment becomes a loss. This is why providing good quality products and offering after sales service are key elements for us.

The benefits of solar lamps are multiple and include safety, health, savings and not the last: human dignity and empowerment. To understand better how a lamp changes Haitian lives everyday we want to share with you this impact example:

Without a solar lamp a family spends roughly $1.80  per week on kerosene and candles. With a solar lamp, the family spends 50 cents per week. A family saves $1.30 every week. The family buys the lamp from the local entrepreneur for $12.22.

In other words: 

The break-even point for the family is 9.4 weeks. Considering our products, which have a lifecycle of 2 years, the family has $122.98 in net savings.

Some context:dlight-s1-solar-lantern-2_yNSSR_24429

The minimum wage in Haiti is around $110 per month. Therefore, with just one solar lamp, a family can earn an additional monthly salary over the course of 2 years. A small solution, big impact! 

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