Financial literacy taken to the next level!

DSCN4166On August 29th we started the Second training session as part of the Financial Literacy Program. This training session is designed to primarily strengthen the knowledge accumulated during the first session, and secondly to introduce the participants to practical strategies to manage their debt and learn how to save money. The class  is very dynamic and it includes various group activities, games and reflection exercises. The idea is to give the participants the chance to connect and identify together life changing solutions to every day problems. For example one of the exercises includes choosing a personal goal and thinking of all the activities and milestones needed to be completed in order for the goal to be achieved. During this exercise one of the participants wanted to share and said “my goal is to have a house, but for me to get there, I need to  set as an intermediate goal, which is to buy a motorcycle..” everybody looked a bit surprised, than the continued  “..I will ask somebody to use it as motorcycle-taxi and with the revenue I will  save enough money to buy 2 cement bags every week, by doing this in a matter of months I will have enough to build the house.” Everybody clapped and the next person start sharing.

DSCN4168After participating at the class the workers need to complete 3 practical activities, whiting a month, which are supportive for their goal achievement. By doing so they can reflect upon what they want to accomplish, think of the ways they can achieve it and in the end take actions to reach milestones towards their goal.

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