Looking Back At 2014 and Looking Forward To 2015

Everyone working in development wants to know what difference their work is really making.  At Solisyon Kominote Yo we ask our selves this question in different ways. We ask our selves how the main needs of our communities evolve. How’s the money we invest in our projects helping those who need it most and how can we and our staff do things better.

As we approach the end of 2014, we want to paint a picture to our readers of all the accomplishments we have achieved during this year, of all the people we worked with and specially the people we worked for.

10671382_712180075513928_6254570871159259434_nDuring 2014, we were able to establish a locally owned and run social enterprise that we called Solisyon Kominote Yo. And SolKomYo is now the platform from which our local staff is leading a large part of the projects initiated by CES in Haiti.

10635898_711059035626032_6470812898154845155_nThanks to our collaboration with CODEVI –a textile company in Ouanaminthe- and thanks to the work of our local entrepreneurs we have sold more than 6,000 products including solar lamps, water filters and improved cook stoves. We have provided more than 26,500 people with access to these life-changing technologies. This year we have had a net economic impact of US$ 785,000.

DSCN3350We designed and implemented a Financial literacy and matched savings program trough which we trained over 750 textile workers to better track and manage their expenses.

_DSC0064With our CAF program, we supported the creation and coordination of 15 self-funded community banks, that all together have distributed more than $33,000 in total cumulative credit through savings.

10847954_744086292323306_3027568714669326472_nFinally, we supported 5 youth groups to develop their initiatives in agriculture with our Urban Agriculture Competition for Youth. We pretend to replicate the winning projects with the aim to help Ouanaminthe’s households on becoming food independent. 

Looking back to 2014, if we look at the numbers and we ask our selves whether our work is really making any difference, the answer is yes. What might be more important, though is that behind these numbers there are stories of people striving to build a better future. We can’t be nothing but thankful with those who have decided to be part of this story. And it is not over, in a joint effort with the communities and our partners we will keep working hard to bringing locally scalable solutions to Ouanaminthe.

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