SKY Entrepreneurs Finish the Year Strong

Solisyon Yominote Yo (SKY) had the bi-annual review meeting with the SKY Community Entrepreneurs on Saturday, December 5th, 2015. 31 of the 37 entrepreneurs came from their respective regions in the north, from Bois de Laurence, to Saint Suzane, to Capotille. SKY is is excited to announce that from January to September the Community Entrepreneurs sold over HTG 800,000 in technologies!


The bi-annual meeting happens twice a year and is a good opportunity for everyone to come together to discuss the progress of their work in the communities. The day started with an introduction to the SKY team and how the meeting helps improve the work. Afterwards, each entrepreneur received an opportunity to fill out an evaluation form to address difficulties they faced during the year. Each region met separately to discuss updates within the SKY team and address observations in their regions or communities that they work. To finish off a great meeting, the day finished with a secret friend gift exchange.

In order to continue to improve the work, it is important for all the entrepreneurs and SKY team to come together and share the experiences from the year and learn from each other. SKY is very enthusiastic in supporting the community entrepreneurs and creating greater access to technologies in marginalized areas of the North of Haiti. The team looks forward to the coming year and to continue to provide social innovations to the communities.

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