Stories from Graduates of the Financial Literacy Course

As we are into the nuts and bolts of implementing the third phase of the financial literacy course, it is important at times to take a step back and evaluate the influence that the course has had on participants. After all, that is what the work is really about.

Trainer Bob and Haiti CES members got a chance to interview some of the graduates of the course to see what has changed in their lives and how the financial literacy course has influenced them.


Trainer, Bob Leon, conducts a training to teach financial literacy graduates of the course how to become a trainer. 

After interviewing 6 graduates, they all proclaimed that the course helped them change their financial behavior positively.

Iphonie Felix, an operational worker, shares how the course was beneficial to her on a very personal level. She was having a very hard time when she began the financial literacy course because her husband left her and her children in huge amounts of debt. Felix was able to learn from the financial literacy course to save enough of her own money to pay off the debt. The course gave her the tools and confidence to be in a better place financially.

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 3.56.01 PMIn addition, Lugny Theodore describes how the course changed his mentality in financial spending and that now he shares his knowledge with his friends and family. Some friends even claim that he has begun to be “stingy” but he says that he has only learned how to spend his money wisely!

A couple of participants benefited from the course by investing in their private property. For example, Jusmonn Osmann is using what he learned from the course to save up to buy a plot of land, Montevil Joslin was able to build his own house, and Darline Saint was able to save enough money to refurbish the house that was inherited to her from her father.

One was able to use their new savings to invest in a small business. For example, Junior, an employee in the Human Resources Department, was able to save three times the amount he used to save, and used that money to support his family’s business in Port-au-Prince.

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 3.55.39 PM

These are only a few examples of the incredible impact that the financial literacy course can have on the spending behavior of participants, and shows the powerful stories of what people do with the additional money they are able to save.

Stay tuned for a short-documentary on the interviews of the participants!

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