Financial Literacy Graduation, April 2016 – Ceremony Report

With a cast of approximately 100 graduates , new coaches and guests, a member of CODEVI’s sustainability department, and a representative of CODEVI’s savings plan department, the graduation ceremony which was organized of the financial Literacy course held on April 16th 2016 was a truly momentous occasion for Solisyon Kominote Yo and CODEVI.

The day’s events, marked an extraordinary day for all concerned. Indeed, it was an absolute delight for the team of Solisyon Kominote Yo and CODEVI to see the successful results of several months of common efforts to manage to turn a team of 10 former graduates into excellent trainers. That group of men and women , who had been selected and trained in October 2015 made us feel very proud by demonstrating that they were able to share efficiently their previously gained knowledge with a group of CODEVI workers and some members of the neighboring community. Furthermore, we could feel that many of the trainers had developed a strong sense of team spirit and desire to make a valuable contribution to the emergence of a greater knowledge-based society in their country. In addition, we would like to congratulate all the CODEVI workers and members of the community who have showed a high level of commitment towards this course by attending each class with a spotless behavior and by doing their practical assignments which demonstrated their understanding of the new notions that they had gained.For many, the occasion was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that they will never forget.

The ceremony included a few artistic activities performed by some graduates and local artist, resulting in a vibrant celebratory atmosphere. For the first time, the organizing team included a projection of pictures taken during the classroom sessions, which were displayed on a white projection screen.

Finally, the whole team of Solisyion Kominote Yo would like to give a special thanks to the LEVI STRAUSS Foundation for all its financial and moral support towards our work. The contribution of the LEVI STRAUSS Foundation enabled us to put together a team a trainers who worked hard towards expanding financial management skills throughout several of their family members, peers, friends and neighbors. Together we are empowering a large number of Haitians by giving them the tools to help themselves.



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