Goats project update : first distributions

In September 2015, Solisyon Kominite Yo had the pleasure to announce on this website that agreement had been signed with a Peasant Association named  Asosiasyon Fanmiy Agwo Ekologik Kotlet (AFAEK) to implement a goat-breeding improvement project in the village of Cotelette,North-East department. This time, we are glad to announce that  the distribution of goats for the target groups is underway.   Initially, the first direct beneficiaries of the project underwent a series of training on fundamental skills such as “how to prepare Goat Housing?”, “how to set up  suitable  grazing places?”, “what are the key measures to take for disease prevention and gaining knowledge on the necessary vaccines and medicines in their farms?”,  between August  2015 and February 2016. Since the month of  February 2016, thirty three  goats have been distributed: thirty does (female goats)  and three bucks (male goats). The first areas in which the goats deliveries were carried out are Mokonbe,Torzin and Fouk. We plan to distribute thirty three additional goats by June 2016, to reach a total number of 66 goats (Sixty does and six bucks).  Furthermore, AFAEK will spend the next few weeks identifying a new group of men and women living Mokonbe,Torzin and Fouk to provide them with some fundamental knowledge on goat breeding  to ensure that when some kids (baby goats) are born and have developed some active immunity against the most common diseases, they can be immediately distributed to people who know how to take care of them.

This project, financed by the International Finance Corporation (IFC). aims  to provide at least 180 families with a goat to enable them to seek sustainable livelihood, additional income, and to help the whole community alleviate poverty.

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