Ouanaminthe’s fair for Locally Produced goods 2016

May 1st is a day on which two holidays are celebrated in Haiti: Labour Day and Agricultural day. As a result, a lot of NGOs operating in Ouanaminthe got together, under the impulsion of the Agency for economic development in the North East (ADANET) to be part of the annual fair for the promotion on the consumption of locally produced goods and the advocacy of local institutions playing a central role in strengthening human capital in and around  Ouanaminthe.

The event, which took place in Ouanaminthe Town Square featured several local vendors of unique, hand made, creative, or customized items.  The fair, was warmly welcomed on the local scene and gave locals and visitors to Ouanaminthe the opportunity to buy locally produced, high quality, fresh, affordable products directly  from carefully selected food producers, craftspeople and artists.

This Annual Event Organised by ADANET ,  which was financially and logistically supported by OXFAM Haiti, served as an excellent selling point for artists and craftspeople as it is for enterprising individuals who are creating delicious delicacies with local seasonal products and serves as an excellent showcase.The team of Solkomyo took advantage of this event to show solidarity to several members of its local partner network and to interact with the local community to further presents its goods and services. Indeed, the event brought  together a large crowd of people coming from every corner of the North-East department as well as several guests from other departments  , who had the opportunity to enjoy a special event held in a lovely setting in the heart of Ouanaminthe.

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