Jou Timoun Entènasyonal La


Solisyon kominote Yo and The Sisters of San Juan in Ouanaminthe invited 6 local schools to celebrate The International Day of Children in the courtyard of the Sisters Homeon June 1st. The day began with an introduction of the organizations present, which was Solisyon Kominote Yo, the Sisters of San Juanita, and Codevi, each explaining the importance of youth in Ouanaminthe.

SAM_0036Members from Las Hermanas, Codevi, College Belle Amour, and Solisyon Kominote Yo team up to help prepare for the event.

The event was a unique opportunity to provide a day of celebration for the 300 students that came, and to show that across all schools in Ouanaminthe, children have rights and access to freedoms, and represent the future of Haiti. Each school prepared a short activity to present in front of the class, filling the space with song, dance, poetry, and theater.



Students from the schools prepared activities to perform in front of the group.


The event was also a way to build great partnerships between Solisyon Kominote Yo, the Sisters of San Juan, Codevi, and the schools in Ouanaminthe, creating a strong platform to continue working together in the future.


Members from Las Hermanas and Solisyon Kominote worked together to coordinate the event.

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