Creating Youth Leaders in Ouanaminthe

Introducing Solisyon Kominote Yo’s new innovation title, SolKomYo ak Jen! (Youth in Community Solutions). SolKomYo has been very involved with the youth in Ouanaminthe to be agents of change in their own community.

In 2014, SolKomYo launched an Urban Agriculture Competition addressing food security during which over 60 youth were engaged and 10 innovative methods to cultivate food within the city were designed. This project included new ideas to address lack of water, seeds, rising temperatures and other difficult environmental factors.

To continue this impact, this Fall, SolKomYo ak Jen began a Leadership and Environment Program in which they engage 15 youth to become advocates for change in their own community to address environmental issues. Five organizations, with three youth representatives from each organization, were invited this month to participate in a series of trainings on Leadership, Communication, the Environment, and Natural Resource Management. The students designed their own projects ideas to create community action around a cause they care about. Each group presented their 10-minute pitch to the group. Students were very creative, with ideas in beginning community awareness days, creating community action on waste management, and forming other youth groups to be leaders in their community.


Trainers, Felix and Evens, give a dynamic lesson on Natural Resource Management to the youth participants.

For the next two months, the youth will implement their projects in the community and SolKomYo will mentor and support the groups.  In December, the students will present their projects results and the impact they reached in their community. SolKomYo will continue to engage the youth to help scale the initiatives they created.


The youth groups give their pitches on their community action projects.

This project enables the youth to become agents of change in their own community. They gain leadership and teamwork abilities, while also promoting awareness and community action on how to mitigate the effects of climate change and protect natural resources. By engaging the students to design their own projects that will be most impactful in their communities, the students are empowered to come up with the solutions that they think will speak to the needs of their communities most effectively.


The 15 students that are participating in SolKomYo ak Jen Youth Empowerment Program.


Addressing environmental stresses requires a community based solution, because it is a shared responsibility that needs everyone’s contribution. The youth are the fit to lead that change, as they are leaders in their community and can promote a long-term shift in community behavior towards better environmental practices.

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