Agriculture Update

Since the Meds and Foods for Kids trainings for peanut farmers has ended, SolKomYo Agronomist Evens has continued supporting the farmer groups. After understanding that insects were a large problem on many of the farmers’ lands, Evens has been conducting natural insecticide trainings with the farmers.


Agronomist Evens conducting an Insecticide Training

In the approach that Evens uses, an insecticide is created with the use of local leaves and household materials. He explains in detail to the groups how to make it and apply it to their crops. Evens will follow-up with the participants to see how the application is received and if the farmers have faced any challenges.


The Insecticide Training uses accessible material, making it a practical and affordable way farmers can combat their insect problems.

This is an example of how SolKomYo strives to respond to the priority needs of its beneficiaries. By providing a practical, “Do-It-Yourself” solution, farmers are given the tools to combat these obstacles themselves.


Farmer, Philogène St. Vil, shows the SolKomYo Team how he has used the insecticide on his rice crops.

The farmer pictured above, Philogène St. Vil, has used the insecticide three times and has already seen results on his farm. He shared the process with his neighbor too, creating change at the community level.

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