6-Year Anniversary of SolKomYo!

Solisyon Kominote Yo’s (SolKomYo) journey began 6 years ago in Ouanaminthe, Haiti with Community Empowerment Solutions, a nonprofit that empowers community leaders to design innovative solutions that support local community development. By leading with trust, engaging local leaders, and designing entrepreneurial solutions, SolKomYo has been able to drive long-lasting impact in Ouanaminthe and the northeast department of Haiti by building a change ecosystem.

SolKomYo engages Community Entrepreneurs to increase access to technologies throughout the northeast of Haiti.

SolKomYo’s first intervention was with Community Empowerment Solution’s MicroConsignment Model. The Model provides access to critical life-changing technologies to the community, such as solar lamps, water filters, and improved cookstoves, by training local entrepreneurs to sell these products and supporting local organizations. As the initiative scaled, SolKomYo mobilized local microentrepreneurs to reach 12 of the 13 communities in the northeast of Haiti.

SolKomYo introduces innovative strategies to improve the livelihood of textile workers in Codevi Industrial Park, including an access to technologies solution and comprehensive financial literacy course.

As SolKomYo continued to engage the local population in Ouanaminthe and understand the needs and wants of local actors, the work quickly accelerated. SolKomYo built a team of dedicated professionals to continue understanding local needs and empowering local leaders to address this work. Our model focuses on capacity building and knowledge-sharing to equip local leaders and organizations to design solutions to address their challenges. We work with youth, farmers, female merchants, textile workers, entrepreneurs, and grassroots organizations to build agriculture, finance, energy, resilience building, and leadership solutions.

SolKomYo team-members lead engaging capacity-building workshops to youth, textile workers, farmers, and community entrepreneurs.

SolKomYo introduced various agricultural initiatives, such as a goat-breeding and vegetable production projects.

SolKomYo strives to expand their work in order to provide local solutions throughout the northeast of Haiti. The team’s goal is to be able to share knowledge and resources in order to build capacity among local organizations and continuously “change obstacles into opportunities” that benefit Ouanaminthe and the northeast department. SolKomYo is grateful for the continuing strategic support of the founders, Community Empowerment Solutions and Social Entrepreneur Corps, as well as the financial support Levi Strauss Foundation, the International Finance Corporation, and the UNDP Small Grants Programme.

The youth group and financial literacy trainers group that SolKomYo created to build capacity among local leaders.

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