Current supporters

We are very fortunate to count on the support of three wonderful partners. Without them, this work would not be possible. If you would like to join this team of supporters please visit  Support us.

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Name: Community Enterprise Solutions
About:is a social impact innovation incubator and implementation organization. CE Solutions was established with the goal of empowering business and educational entrepreneurs to make a difference in their communities.Learn more here.
Support: Community Enterprise Solutions leads the initiative in Haiti and has provided on going  support from the beginning.


Name: International Finance Corporation (IFC)
About: IFC blends investment with advice to help the private sector find solutions to today’s greatest development challenges. IFC provides both immediate and long-term financing, and combines it with advice that helps companies grow quickly and sustainable. Learn more here.
Support: IFC has provided financial support for our work in Haiti from the beginning


Name: Ashoka
About: Ashoka is the largest network of social entrepreneurs worldwide, with nearly 3,000 Ashoka Fellows in 70 countries putting their system changing ideas into practice on a global scale. Learn more here.
Support: Ashoka has provided on going strategic support and connections with investors for our work in Haiti from the beginning.

warbyName: Warby Parker
About: Warby Parker is an innovative eyewear company that was conceived as an alternative to the overpriced and bland eyewear available today. Through its Buy a Pair, Give a Pair business model, for every pair of glasses Warby Parker sells, it provides a pair to someone in need. Learn more here.
Support: Warby Parker has donated 2500 pairs of near vision glasses to Community Enterprise Solutions through its Buy a Pair, Give a Pair business model.


Name: Levi Strauss Foundation (LSF)
About: Levi Strauss & Co. is committed to supporting and educating communities across the globe by building stronger relationships through funding, volunteering and education for a better, healthier and more sustainable world. We’ve been collaborating on Improving Worker Well-Being initiative for apparel workers in the community of Ouanaminthe where some of the products are made. Learn more here.
Support:Levi Strauss Foundation has provided continuous financial support for our work in Haiti.


Name: Columbia Sportswear
About: Columbia if focused on outdoor education and conservation, they are  also a member of the global community and dedicated to being a responsible neighbor on a local, regional, and global level. Lear more here.
Support: Columbia Sportswear has provided financial support for our work on Improving Workers Well-Being.

gigotName: Gigot Center for Entrepreneurship at the University of Notre Dame
About: At the Gigot Center for Entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship means more than just well-intentioned philanthropy. It provides a vital link between economic AND social value. The Center’s goal is to outfit the social entrepreneur with the business knowledge and strong social mission needed for success. Learn more here.
Support: Community Enterprise Solutions has partnered with the Gigot Center to launch its new MicroVenturing Model.


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