SolKomYo’s 6-Year Impact from August 2012 to August 2018:

Access to technologies

through the MicroConsignment Model

SolKomYo trains MicroConsignment Model microentrepreneurs to sell life-improving technologies throughout the northeast of Haiti. The sales of the technologies support the microentrepreneur and their local organization. Read more about our access to technologies updates here.


SolKomYo’s MicroConsignment Entrepreneurs at SolKomYo’s annual meeting.

US$ 1,200,500

Net Economic Impact – These are the net savings that beneficiaries have accumulated from their purchase of a life-changing technology, such as a solar lamp, water filter, or cookstove.


People Directly Impacted


Life-changing technology solutions, such as solar lamps, water filters, or cookstoves, purchased by community members


Entrepreneurs trained to provide access to life-improving technologies through the MicroConsignment Model


Local organizations earning revenue from technology sales

FOCOPI & Access to finance

FOCOPI is the Community Fund for Prevention and Investment, which is an innovative model that provides access to finance solutions through a comprehensive financial literacy course and self-financed community-savings banks. Read more about our access to finance updates here.

SolKomYo Team members form a self-financed community bank in the rural town of Cotelette in Saint Suzanne.


Total cumulative credit disbursements in FOCOPI


FOCOPI loans used to invest in small businesses and farming

Empowerment for textile workers

SolKomYo empowers textile workers through a comprehensive financial literacy course and trainer of the trainer program. Read more about our textile worker updates here.


SolKomYo’s Financial Literacy Trainers at the Codevi textile factory.


Textile workers graduated from the Financial Literacy program

Youth Empowerment

SolKomYo empowers youth to be leaders in their communities and raise awareness about issues pertinent to Ouanaminthe, Haiti. One group made bracelets out of recycled plastic bottles to address waste. Read more about our youth empowerment updates here.


One of SolKomYo’s group of youth leaders at SolKomYo’s annual meeting.


Youth teams created around agriculture, waste management, and leadership

US$ 500

Generated from bracelet sales made from recycled plastic bottles


Plastic water bottles recycled from the youth bracelet initiative


SolKomYo provides SolKomYo’s capacity-building and climate-smart agricultural workshops to farmers throughout the northeast of Haiti. Past projects include a goat-breeding project, peanut production on hillside plots, and planting agro-ecological farms. Read more about our agriculture updates here.

WhatsApp Image 2018-08-17 at 1.27.39 PM

Farmers participate in hands-on workshops to adopt climate-smart agricultural practices.


Individuals benefiting from agriculture projects

Please contact us at if you would like more information. Download a copy of our latest Executive Summary.



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