Technologies for textile workers

102_3678Solisyon Kominote Yo works with Codevi, a family-owned textiles company which employs 7,000+ people, and the Levi Strauss Foundation to provide the textile workers living in Ouanaminthe with high-impact, critical technologies like solar lamps, cooking-stoves and water filters to help them improve their well being, and productivity. These technologies are available for purchase through a payment plan that gives the textile workers the ability to afford these critical products.

How does it work?

CODEVI’s Savings Plan team takes orders from workers and after processing the orders, they start deducting small amounts from workers’ salary, on a weekly basis for a period of 4 to 8 weeks. Immediately after the deduction started, the employees can go to Solisyon Kominote Yo’s office in the community and pick up the product they ordered. In this way the workers are improving their living conditions and start saving even before they finish paying for the product. Moreover, by using the multiple payments system, the financial stress is minimized.


96% of interviewed workers believe the cost-saving products offer them tangible benefits. The most often cited benefits by workers included cutting costs, saving energy, and improving health.

Money saved by using the cost-saving products is often used for…

  • Saving in case of losing job (35%)
  • Paying debt (18%)
  • Covering unexpected medical costs (15%)
  • Getting more education (13%)
  • Home construction (13%)


“We cut expenses. We charge the lamp with sunlight, so we don’t pay electricity or buy as much kerosene. The money I save by using the solar lamp I put it in my CODEVI’s saving account.” –Program participant.

“My girlfriend and my children use the solar lamp for studying at night. The lamp also protects us from fires because they not longer need to use candles or kerosene lamps.” –Program participant.


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